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Our services

Salesa Provides reliable solutions proven to increase productivity, efficiency and reduce human interventions.

  • Process Automation and Machine Automation
  • Digitalization
  • Definox Hygienic Valves and Instruments- Supply & Installation
  • Handling Industrial Mechanical Projects
  • All type of steel fabrications

Process Automation and Machine Automation

  1. PLC and HMI Programming.
  2. DCS conversion to PLC.
  3. PLC5 migration.
  4. Project designing, execution, commissioning, and handover.
  5. Cost estimations, proposal development, and vendor management.
  6. Develop cost effective solutions.
  7. Design system architecture, standalone applications and using Virtualization.
  8. Documentation i.e. FDS, DDS, Process Description.
  9. Customer Training.
  10. Annual maintenance Contract/Support.

In additions to the above, we provide different customized robotic and rubest solutions for palletizing, de-palletizing, and conveying systems.


Providing a variety of infrastructure architecture services and solutions, from virtualization and network design, to consulting, and auditing.

  1. Designing, implementing, and supporting multiple solutions including blades and rack-mount servers, SAN storage, thin clients, disaster recovery solutions.
  2. Providing cyber security guidelines and objectives.
  3. Providing manged IT Services. Managed IT Service begins with a need assessment and network analysis to gauge the health and stability of network.  By identifying the state of equipment, OS, installed Apps and services, we accurately quote what it will cost to bring environment up to a minimum baseline standard for service.

Database Development

Database design, optimization, development, and Relational Database Management Systems:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • PostGreSQL

Migration of the data from older databases to newly designed ones requiring custom SQL scripts to map data from an old scheme to a new one.

Applications development in high-level languages such as .Net, C# and Java which interface with all of the above database systems. Following reporting services we work upon:

  • SQL Server Reporting Services, MSRS, SRRS
  • Crystal Reports
  • Data Warehousing
  • Customized Reports

Custom Software Development

  1. Applications using object-oriented languages (C#, Java, Python, C++).
  2. Recipe/formulation management.
  3. Web-based applications (HTML5, etc.).
  4. Mobile application development (Android, iPhone, iPad, etc.).
  5. Desktop application development.
  6. Customized application development.
  7. Data Mining, Win32 SDK/APIVisual Source Control.
  8. Socket programming, WCF, Web Service.

Definox Hygienic Valves and Instruments- Supply & Installation

Process instrumentation – supply and installation services for hygienic application in Food and Beverage manufacturing including:


Flow meters

Temperature gauges and transmitters

Ultrasonic level transmitter

Mechanical Valves for different and special applications.

For more details, please visit Definox page on our website

Industrial Mechanical Projects

We handle and manage industrial mechanical projects with proven records of excellent execution and handover

  • All type of Silos and tanks, for size material, and shape.
  • Skid system with all its component – pumping and insturmatation, as well as the integration with other systems.
  • Special pumping application for high and low pressure pumping, design the pumping system and material compatibility.
  • Gear motors design, supply and install.
  • All kind of conveying system

All type of steel fabrications

  • Raw material conveying system – pallets, liquid, and powder.
  • Primary case conveyors and integration with the lines
  • Secondary case conveyors.
  • Dead-pile loading conveyors.